Studio Policies

for Portrait Sessions

Digital Files

  • We believe photography is best enjoyed when printed and displayed on the walls or your home as works of art to be enjoyed for years to come.  Having a beautiful image die in seconds on a social media post never to be seen again is a tragic.  However; we realize that in this age, digital images are something people come to expect.  If you choose digital images, please read the following clauses carefully.
  • Digital files are NOT included with your session fee.  With each print purchased, you will be provided with a web sized digital file that is perfect for sharing on social media.  These files are not suitable for printing.
  • Please do not alter digital files by adding filters, changing colors or manipulating them in any way.  The images are the work of the photographer and we would appreciate it being kept in its original intended state.  If you purchase an image in color, but decide you would like a black and white copy, one can be provided at no additional charge.


Session, Fees and Cancellation

  • All portrait session require a $149 non-refundable deposit to book.  You are allowed 1 chance to reschedule.  Please give us at least 24 hours notice for rescheduling.  
  • A cancellation without reschedule, will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.
  • A no show will result in the forfeiture or your deposit.
  • The session fee does not include any photo products.  The session fee covers the photographer and assistants (if needed) time, equipment, travel, preparation, storage of proofs and communication with the client.  All photo products, must be purchased separately during the proofing session. 
  • You will be provided a price sheet for photo products prior to your session.  Your pricing will be locked in for 30 day’s after your session.
  • Attendance at a photo session is limited to the person or persons being photographed, plus one or two other necessary people.  Please limit the number of people present as they can be a distraction to both the person being photographed and the photographer.  
  • Clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please arrive on time for your session, ready to go.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, it may result in the forfeiture of your deposit.
  • No photos or video will be allowed to be taken during the photo session by anyone other than the photographer, this includes cell phone pictures.
  • Please do not bring pets to the session unless they are being photographed.


Location, site conditions and shoot time

  • We will work with you to plan the time and location of your session.  If the location is unfamiliar, we may need to review the site prior to the shoot.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to shoot at a particular site or time and due to less than desirable conditions.


Proof Images and Ordering Prints

  • The photographer will take many images during the session and will select an appropriate number of images to show as proofs.  There is no guarantee on the number of proof images available for purchase.  A normal 1 hour session will yield approximately 20-50 proof images.  The photographer will choose the best images from the session for proofing.
  • Proof images are suitable for viewing but may not necessarily be fully retouched and finished.  Retouching and finishing will be completed after the order has been placed.
  • 1 ordering session will be scheduled approximately 1 week after your photo shoot to view your proofs and order prints.  Please make sure all decision makers are present.  If you are unable to make a purchasing decision during the first ordering session, you have the option of making a follow up appointment for an additional $35 fee.
  • You may request an online gallery of your proofs for an additional $75 however, all orders must be placed in person.  We no longer allow ordering through the online gallery.
  • All sales are final.  Prints purchased are guaranteed for color, clarity, sharpness and workmanship.  In some cases, the print can look different than a digital preview.  If there happens to be a photographic flaw in a print, you are entitled to a corrected reprint of the same image, a refund or an exchange for a different image of the same size and type.
  • Payment for all products purchased is due in full at the time of ordering unless the purchase qualities for a payment plan.
  • You can make changes to or cancel your order within 24 hours after placing your order.
  • After 24 hours, your order cannot be changed or cancelled.


Image Storage

  • Proof images will be stored and made available for ordering for 30 day’s after your first proofing session.  After 30 day’s, the images will be deleted and will not be able to be recovered.
  • In lieu of deleting the images, you have the option of paying a $25/month storage fee.
  • Images purchase will be kept on file for reorder for 1 year free of charge.
  • Although we do keep multiple backups of images, we are not responsible for lost images due to theft, fire or technical malfunction.



  • Basic retouching is included with every print purchased.  This includes removal of minor skin blemishes, teeth whitening, removing minor spots on clothing and background distractions. 
  • Major retouching will incur additional fees.  This includes but is not limited to:  acne removal, braces removal, removal of lines and wrinkles, scar removal, tattoo removal, hair in face or fly away hair, body sculpting and skin smoothing.
  • We reserve the right to decline some retouching requests if we believe they are beyond our capabilities.


  • There is no charge for a reshoot due to equipment failure or malfunction.  
  • Reshoots for any other reason such as dissatisfaction with clothing, facial expression, posture, hair, weather or a cranky teenager are offered at 50% of the original session fee.  
  • If you are generally happy with the proofs, but there is a shot you want to reshoot, a reshoot is offered at 50% of the original session fee and is limited to that particular shot.
  • Let’s face it, sometimes things just don’t go as planned despite our best efforts.  At the discretion of the photographer, we may grant a reshoot at a reduced rate or at no charge.



  • Obviously, we can’t control the weather and sometimes it interferes with our scheduled photo shoots.  If we believe there is a reasonable chance of weather affecting the shoot, we reserve the right to reschedule the shoot for a better time.  We cannot risk damage to our equipment or the possibility of a bad shoot.


Pricing and Method of payment

  • You will be provided a price sheet for prior to booking your session.  If is your responsibility to understand the pricing or ask questions to clarify.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice but will be locked in at for up to 30 days after your session.
  • We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks for payment.  A $25 fee will be applied to all returned checks.  
  • Sales tax will be added to all physical products sold


Payment Plans

  • Payment Plans are available as follows:
    • Orders up to $499 - payment in full at time of order
    • $500 - $749, 3 equal monthly payments
    • $750 and above, 4 equal monthly payments
    • First payment due at time of order.
    • A major credit card and signed agreement is required.


  • The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving us the exclusive rights to reproduce our images. Violations include, but are not limited to, making illegal copies, scanning, printing from home, downloading from our website/social media sites, or screenshots from your galleries. It is illegal to copy or reproduce these photographs in any manner without our permission and violators of this Federal Law will be subjected to its civil and criminal penalties. Please understand, the photographer wishes to maintain complete control over the print quality, finishes and presentation of the images and any reproduction outside of the studio may lower the quality of the image and scar our reputation for providing superior portraits.

Model Release and Right to Privacy

  • Unless notified by the client, we reserve the right to use the photos created during your session as a representation of our work.  This includes but is not limited to our website, studio samples and social media. 
  • If you would rather not have your images displayed, we respect your right to privacy.  Please let us know.
  • We will never sell your person information including name, phone number, address or credit card information.


Travel Policy

  • There is no charge for travel within a 25 mile radius of Madera CA.  
  • Travel beyond this radius will be billed at $1.25 per mile
  • Distances over 150 miles will required overnight stay, appropriate rates apply.


Processing times

  • 2 week for deliver of digital images
  • 3 weeks for standard prints
  • 4 weeks for canvas and framed products 


Personal Injury and Private Property

  • We will not be held responsible for injury to you or any member of your party during the photo shoot.  You agree that an action or activity taken during the shoot is done at your own risk.
  • We will not photograph clients on an active train track or roadway.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • We will not photograph on private property without permission.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • We will not photograph a client performing any illegal act.  NO EXCEPTIONS.